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About Wushu

Wushu (interchangeable with Chinese Martial Arts, Gong-fu, and Kung-fu)

The term Wushu originated from China and now belongs to the world. It has a long rich history with a wide range of manifestations. In ancient China, Wushu was called Jiaodi or Shiang-Pu (246 B.C.), Jiji. In 1927 it was called Guosho, and after 1949 it changed to Wushu and is still called this today in China.

Wushu is a type of sport that includes kicks, punches, wrestling, joint locking, falling techniques, striking and thrusting weapon techniques, and Taolu (forms), which can include all of the above. These elements of Wushu can include forms of attack and defense, forward and backward movements, dynamism and immobility, fast and slow movements, hard and soft techniques, empty (without weight or fake) and solid (with weight or true) techniques all of which make up Taolu. But Taolu also includes certain Wushu rules, and it is used to gain power, develop wisdom, improve physical and mental stamina, and master methods of self-defense.

The sport of Wushu includes two major disciplines, namely Taolu and Sanshou. Wushu Taolu can be divided into barehanded, exercises, martial arts weapons practice, prearranged fights, and group exercises. Barehanded exercises include Changquan (long-fist boxing), Nanquan (southern-fist boxing), Tai Ji Chuan (Tai Ji Boxing), Xingyiquan (Form and will boxing), Baguazhang (Eight diagram boxing), Tongbeiquan (Through the back boxing), Ditangquan (ground boxing), etc..